It’s wedding season and we just hosted our first bridal shower in anticipation for our friend’s wedding in a few weeks!  This is the same friend we just went to Florida with for her bachelorette, so I’ve had a lot of fun getting to craft for all the various events.  Today I’m sharing some of the ways I personalized the shower decor using my Cricut!

We decided to have the shower feel very spring, with our colors being focused around blue, white and rose.  This worked perfect with her blue & white wedding colors and made it easy to get some flowers and decor to pull it all together.

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Blue + White Paper Flower Letter Board

I loved the way the letter board turned out for our friend’s baby shower, so I decided to update it for the bridal shower by changing out the flowers.  I cut the flowers on my Maker on 2 shades of blue from Cricut’s Wild flowers card stock sampler paired with white card stock and taped them to my letter board with an updated message.

Glitter Ring Banner

I always have scrap paper on hand, so used some up by cutting engagement rings out of the gold glitter paper scraps.  I put one ring on the letter board, but used a thinner ribbon and wove it through the diamond area of the rest of the rings to create a banner to use as an accent to my Bride to Be banner on the mantle.

Print then Cut Cake Toppers

I wanted to do some cake / food toppers similar to the ones I made previously.  I found out the couple had a wedding crest made (how cool?!) and had her mom send me the file.  I used Cricut’s print then cut feature to print a bunch of the crests out and then attached them to toothpicks with hot glue to put on some of the foods.

Wedding Crest Banner

I used the crest again to make a short banner.  I printed larger versions of it and cut them and additionally cut 2 holes on each side to weave ribbon through to create the banner.

Champagne Glasses

Can you tell I really thought that crest was cool?  Well I used it one more time by cutting it on some chrome vinyl and applying it to 2 champagne glasses as a gift for the almost newlyweds.  We included them in the basket of kitchen goodies from all the hostesses!

Other Projects

I also used my Cricut Maker to create some print then cut food place cards & a “Bride to Be” banner for the shower!

This machine has become my best friend when hosting these showers and each time I can’t wait to think of ways to incorporate the theme or colors into decor by using my Cricut!

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