Time for our first update from the One Room Challenge!  Last week I showed you the very 80’s state of our laundry room, our general project list and some inspiration for the room.  Now it’s time to check in and tell you what we’ve been up to the last 7 days.

We started off strong with a trip to Lowe’s to get some flooring samples, a new light fixture to replace the fan and some ceiling scraping supplies… then work got busy, we went to a wedding and we had a productive weekend that didn’t include working on the laundry room.  However, we were super motivated on Monday & Tuesday and we ended the first week strong!

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So what’d we get done this week?

  • Bought new light fixture (Amazon, Lowe’s)
  • Got 2 flooring samples
  • Unscrewed all the shelves & racks from the walls
  • Wiped the dust and lint off everything
  • Took everything out of the room except the washer & dryer
  • Moved the big shelf to the garage to be a work station
  • Vacuumed the walls. Seriously.
  • Removed the molding around the cabinet
  • Took down the fan & air vent
  • Scraped the popcorn ceiling (Here’s how we do it)

Remember the wall right when you walk in that has an old Honeywell box and something else attached to it (and kids crayon drawings)? Here’s what it looked like earlier this week:

The bigger box is an old security system and we need to figure out if we can just disconnect it, or keep it for the future or what… so in the meantime we’re trying to think of all of our options.

I asked for some suggestions of what we could do on that wall on Instagram, and yall had all sorts of ideas: Build it into a built in ironing board cabinet, put a canvas or palette art on it, create a gallery wall and just frame it in, put cabinets on that wall and just cut out the back out and it sticks out in one cabinet, etc.

Overall it’s not a bad start! Even just getting everything off the walls and out of the room made a difference and got me excited for what the end result would look like. Paint and flooring will be huge in here.  Okay so after the first week, here’s what the room looks like:

Next on the list is to finish patching, sanding & painting the ceiling and then start on the walls!  We’ll also start measuring and coming up with plans for some storage options so if we need to order anything, it’ll have plenty of time to come in.

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