After sharing about 5 banners in the last few months, it’s safe to say I’ve really caught on to how easy & cheap these are to create in order to personalize any event.  The challenge with this one was to make it ready to be used at 2 different events – our friend’s shower and an upcoming bachelorette – so I needed great card stock.  Luckily both events included a pink & floral theme, so when I found this white & rose gold card stock at Hobby Lobby that paired great with Cricut card stock I had, I was ready to start!

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Bride to Be Banner

What you’ll need:

A lot of my banners have been in 2 main shapes, so it was time to shake it up and do a new one.  I found a template and layered 2 on top of each other, then chose to colors to be representative of my white & pink card stock I’d be using.  I also inserted a circle, resized it to be small, copied it and put it at the top of the banner pieces.  Then I selected the white piece and circles and sliced them and did the same for the pink pieces so both layers had the pieces removed for the ribbon to go through.

Now copy your layers so you have 8 pieces.

Next, I inserted some letters and wrote “to”. I changed it to a scripty font, connected the letters and welded them together.  Then I sliced the word out from the white piece.

Now I needed to add the letters to the rest of the pieces. Type out “Bride be” with one letter per banner piece.  Center the letter and the white banner piece, then slice and remove the 2 excess letters.  Repeat this for each banner piece so the top layer has all the words cut out for your banner.

Get your card stock ready and click ‘Make it’ in Design Space. Set your material to medium card stock for the top layers and then sparkle paper for the bottom layers, put the card stock on the mat and go!
Arrange your pieces and glue them together.  The last step is to thread some white ribbon through the holes of each piece to create the banner.

As I mentioned, I had some scrap gold glitter card stock from another project, so decided to cut a bunch of diamond rings out on the scrap paper and thread skinnier white ribbon through them for an additional banner to complement the first!

We hung the banner and rings on the mantle at the shower and it was completed with some pink hydrangeas above!

Doesn’t our bride to be look so cute?  Only about 2 weeks to the big day!

PS – You can find my project in Design Space to make your own Bride to Be banner here!

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