Any Fixer Upper fans? Ever since we started watching the show 5 years ago, we’ve fallen in love with Chip & Joanna, love seeing their renovations each week and are sad that the show is over.  This last season I noticed that Joanna always wore these cute, leather earrings.  Well since the Cricut Maker can cut leather, yall know I loved the challenge of making my own instead of tracking some down and buying them.  Spoiler alert: I made some and they look GREAT so now I’m sharing the DIY with you 🙂

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Teardrop Leather Earrings

What you’ll need:

First, I needed to make my template in Design Space.  I looked for a teardrop shape, inserted it and then resized to to be more of the shape I was looking for.  Then I created 3 pairs, of varying sizes, 2.8″, 3″, and 3.472″ long.

I wasn’t sure how the sizes would work as earrings, so I first cut one of each on some scrap paper and held them to my ears, seriously.  I liked the 3″ size the best, so loaded some scrap faux leather and cut them on my Maker – making sure the material was set to faux leather. I figured I could test this out on faux leather first and upgrade to some real leather..

PS – You can find my project for all 3 sizes in Design Space here.

When the 2 pieces were cut, I folded the piece in half and used my weeder tool to make 2 holes in the earrings, toward the top.  Use the pliers to open the earring ring and loop it through the holes and add the earring hook.  Close the ring back up and make sure the ring is over the top of the leather so the fold stays at the top.

The faux leather earrings turned out great so I thought I’d try them with some real leather that I had next.

I cut them on my Maker, changing the material to the metallic leather.  Since this was much thicker material, I had to load the deep cup blade.  The Maker actually cut the shape 4 times to get through the material.

This time I used an Exacto knife to cut through the leather for the ring to go through.  I debated using my Cricut to do this, but forgot to add the circle before cutting and the Exacto knife got the job done.  Even though I knew the Maker could cut leather, I was so impressed when I pulled the piece up from the mat and the cuts were so smooth.  After getting the ring and hook through, my earrings were done!

I made these on a Tuesday night and wore them to a wedding on Friday – that’s how much I liked them!

This was my first time cutting real leather and making jewelry with my Cricut and I can’t remember the last time I was excited as I was when I finished this project!

You can find the project on Design Space here to make your own earrings!  I decided to cut earrings out of the rest of the leather I had, so I also have a limited amount of them in my shop here as well!


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