We’ve made it to week 4 of the One Room Challenge! If you’ve been following along, then you’ve seen where we started and our progress so far, which has included A LOT of taking things down and fixing things.  We weren’t as lucky as some others who started with a workable room that needed paint – our laundry room needed to be stripped down and really built back up, but we’re almost over that hump.

I also want to mention that there are on average about 12 areas on each wall of varying size that have needed patching (and more patching and more patching), so about 50+ spots each night got some joint compound love.  Have I mentioned I’m ready to move past the patching and onto painting already?!

We normally do most of the laundry room work on Monday & Tuesday at the end of the ORC week.  This week we were excited to have my mom in town and we did a ton of work in the yard (more to come here). It was seriously pretty impressive what we accomplished over the weekend, so we didn’t start work on the laundry again for week 4 until Monday night, so this week’s progress has really just been over the last 3 days.

This is what our completed list looked like for week 4:

  • Patched the walls a few more times (up to 4+ in some areas)
  • Removed the security box (!!!)
  • Patched a big hole where the wires from the security box came in
  • Removed trim around the cabinets
  • Removed trim around the window
  • Patched all the spots around the cabinet & window
  • Scraped old caulking from trim & molding
  • Created template for new window trim
  • Sanded cabinet doors

We are both equally exhausted and currently enjoying some time on the couch before we start our days again in the morning as I write this.  Our schedules are usually something like this: working our jobs until 5:30, I like to go to a work out class if possible til 6:30, working on the laundry room for a few hours with dinner in the middle or at 9:20pm like it was tonight (I should’ve done a tenderloin another night, womp), shower, chill time and start over in the morning. Plus juggling my business in there too when I can.

Well after everything, we’re still able to get progress done in the laundry room with just a few hours a week and I’m impressed!  So here’s what the room looks like as of Wednesday night around 9:30 pm.  Cleo is always there to make her rounds..

What’s next for the room?  The cabinet doors have a tiny bit of sanding left, then I can paint them and get new hardware on them.  Our walls seems to finally be ready for sanding (hooray!), so we’ll sand and then start painting by priming the walls & ceiling and then paint the ceiling.  The painting shouldn’t take long, so it seems like we’ve finally turned the corner and the room will start to really look like a new room soon!

Here’s to another week, another wedding this weekend & college friends in town,  and more progress on Monday & Tuesday! Don’t forget to check out all the guest bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge here.

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