My latest wedding obsession has become mirrors!  My friend asked me if I could help customize 2 mirrors for her wedding and considering I had fun crafting for her bachelorette and bridal shower, I was definitely down.  I did some research and found that regular vinyl would be the best best for what we wanted to do, but you could also create a stencil & paint them.

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Custom Wedding Mirrors

What you’ll need:

This project consisted of 2 mirrors for her: 1 for the rehearsal dinner & a menu on the other for the reception.  I had Catherine send me the fonts that were used for her invitations so we could keep the mirrors in brand.  Then I measured the mirrors to created templates and created the first design in Illustrator.  I sent a few options over, we nailed down one and I imported the design into Design Space in 2 parts: the words and the flower flourishes.

I put the second project together entirely in Design Space as 4 different groupings of words / phrases.

We opted for a matte white vinyl since a mirror is so shiny & reflective to dull the words out a bit and make them easier to read, so I loaded my vinyl on the 12″ x 24″ mat I had and cut everything on my Maker!

Once the cutting is done, I cut the pieces out and started weeding everything.  Larger projects can be more challenging to weed, so sometimes I’ll cut the excess vinyl I’m weeding away from the parts I haven’t weeded yet to do it in sections.

When everything was weeded, I added some transfer paper to the top of each piece and used the scraper to make sure it was on well.  Then I started laying everything out on the mirrors.  I measured everything out and then took the backing off of the first piece and placed it on the mirror, then repeated for all the other pieces.

After using the scraper tool again to make sure the vinyl was adhering well, I slowly removed the transfer paper from each piece and the mirrors were done!  My furry assistant was the first to check them out.

The welcome sign was used at the base of the stairs where the rehearsal dinner & welcome party was held and the menu was at the reception in a hallway to direct guests to the right places for the food stations.

Also, let it be known that it is very challenging to take pictures of a mirror without you being in them.  My mom saw me trying to get the photos once I finished them when she was in town and Hunter was patiently waiting on me getting snaps of both of them during the wedding weekend. Easier said than done!

Both Catherine & her mom loved the mirrors, so I was happy!  I loved how the menu one looked at the reception in the beautifully restored Gadsen House.  Who else needs mirrors done because I want to make more!

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