If you’re reading the title you might be thinking “Isn’t this supposed to be the reveal week for One Room Challenge?”  Yes, but spoiler alert… there was no way we were going to finish by today so we decided to extend ours!

Between our day jobs, my side business, all of our yard projects we’ve recently undertaken, the 3 April weddings & traveling last weekend the laundry room has been getting minimal dedicated renovation time.  There was no way we could complete the punch list from last week, so when we were both back in town Sunday night we decided to give ourselves another week.

With that said, we still had our work cut out for us to make a dent in the remaining work.

This is the week 6 accomplished list, completed over 3 nights:

  • Bought bench /storage piece
  • Primed the cabinet, inside & out (x2)
  • Bought the new flooring & let it acclimate to the room over the weekend
  • Installed the new flooring (!!!)
  • Bought the base boards & crown molding
  • Returned the laundry hamper (womp)
  • Measured, cut & installed window trim
  • Primed cabinet doors

And here’s the current state of the laundry room as of  10:30pm on Wednesday night:

With the flooring in and cabinet primed, the end seems like it’s actually in sight now – we’re so close!

As I’m sure you can guess, this is what’s left: install trim around the door, install base boards & crown molding, paint the ceiling (2 coats), install overhead light, replace air vent, paint the walls (2 coats),  replace all outlet & light switch covers, put together the bench / storage piece and clean!

Here’s to hoping we really finish getting it all done this week and can show you the renovated room next week!

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