I’ve been lucky to have 2 back to back weekends seeing my mom and sister.  The first was our annual trip to Hilton Head.  We hadn’t been this early in the year, but loved the lack of humidity and crowds! We went to the usual spots: Old Oyster Factory, Porter & Pig and Hudson’s.  We also spent the mornings walking and relaxing on the beach or by the pool with a book.

The next weekend I headed to Atlanta for the Justin Timberlake concert with my sister! I came in on Friday and hung by the pool before we got ready and went to the concert.  If you’re a JT fan, then you will love his concert – it’s 2 hours of pure entertainment, including both songs from the new album and all the ones you want to hear.

Saturday morning we met my mom and Grandma for lunch in my hometown after a failed trip to the cafe at Pinewood Studios, just up the road.  That’s where they’re filming a ton of movies now, like all of the Marvel ones, but apparently others had the same idea so the wait was super long.  It was still really cool to see all the stages and growth from the studio and we’ll be back to that cafe one day!

Next, we took mom to the Georgia Aquarium for her Mother’s Day gift.  There’s a new puffin exhibit that just opened and we wanted to see them after the weather thwarted our puffin tour in Maine 2013.  Our second try was successful!  We went to the Cold Water Quest first to make our way to the puffins – I put on my hat from 2013 and was soooooo excited.  Look how cute they are!

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon checking out the other exhibits and learning about the animals.  The last time I was there was a few months after it opened, so it’d been awhile haha.

Back at Lauren’s house, I taught her how to weed some vinyl to make more coasters for their house and then she taught me about frosting cookies.  We ended the night out back watching Harry & Meghan shows (Darren was asleep haha), getting ready for the royal brunches we were both hosting on the 19th.

I’m so lucky to be within driving distance to my family and so happy we were able to spend 2 weekends together!

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