Is anyone else excited for Prince Harry & Meghan’s wedding this weekend?? I find the Royals so interesting and love watching documentaries on Queen Elizabeth and following William & Kate, so it’s not surprising that I decided to host a Royal Wedding Brunch Saturday morning to watch.  No party would be complete without a banner and I’m sharing one that you can whip up in a few minutes in time for the big event!

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Royally Excited Banner

What you’ll need:

I’ve made a lot of banners, but I haven’t done one with just letters and no background before, so I decided to do just that.  I opened Design Space and started typing out my banner words, “Royally excited”.  I found a crown image that I liked and inserted it to my canvas.  Then I set the height of the words to 5″, then ungrouped them to individual letters.

Now I needed to add holes to each letter so ribbon could go through them.  I inserted a circle, resized it to be pretty small and duplicated it so each letter would have 2 holes in it.

When I placed the hole where I wanted it on the letter, I selected both and sliced them.  Then I deleted the 2 extra circles and was left with a hole in the letter.  I repeated this for the second hole, then for each letter.

Then I loaded up my mat with a piece of card stock and started cutting everything out on my Maker.  Make sure to change the material setting to glitter card stock or the shimmer paper so it uses the right pressure to get through the thicker paper.

As things are cut, remove them from the mat with the spatula, pulling the mat away from the card stock.

Next, I used a hot glue gun to attach the two crown pieces together for each crown.  Now it’s time to assemble the banner!  Lay the letters out and start threading the ribbon through the holes starting from the right side.

Boom – your banner is done and ready to be hung!

Because I’m excited for the wedding and my brunch, I hung the banner (and a few other things) on Monday night.  Hunter has already mentioned that our house feels British right now haha.

Want to make your own? Find the project in Design Space here!

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