I’ve been spending more time on our screened in porch to enjoy this weather before it gets too hot.  I love sitting out here with a book and glass of wine after dinner and needed something to replace the pot of succulents I slowly killed over the last few months.  I had a smaller piece of driftwood I found on Sullivan’s Island years ago  and decided to turn that into a candle holder to add a little ambiance to my porch!

DIY Driftwood Candle Holder

What you’ll need:

  • Piece of driftwood
  • Drill
  • 3/4″ spade bit
  • 3 tapered candles

All you need to do to create a candle holder from a piece of wood is to drill spots for the candle! To do this without drilling through the piece of wood you’ll need to use a spade bit.  I took one of the candles to Lowe’s with me to make sure I got the right size – 3/4″ was the perfect width for the candles.

My piece of driftwood could hold 3 candles nicely, so I put a little mark where each one would go.  Then I put my spade bit in my drill and started drilling.  Because driftwood is so soft, start slow and speed up as needed, but you’ll be able to get through the wood quickly.  I drilled down about 3/4″ so a candle could sit in there without falling over, then I drilled the other 2 holes.

When your holes are complete, you have your candle holder – it’s that easy!  I had a piece of birch sitting around and decided to make it into a candle holder as well.  My little drill had a hard time going into the hard birch wood, so I pulled out the Ryobi and drilled down about an inch in no time.

Then I paired my new candle holder with a galvanized tray, glass buoy & faux succulent (that I couldn’t kill) to tie all of our porch colors together and put it on the table.  I also placed my birch candle holder by a lantern and citronella candle on the side table.

The driftwood candle holder fits perfectly with our coastal & nautical theme and I just love the look of tapered candles with the wax dripping down!  Such an easy way to add some candles to a space in a natural way.  I can’t wait to spend some of Memorial Day weekend on my porch during sunset!

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