Yuppppp, we’re still here and still somewhat working on this room although the One Room Challenge is technically over!  I didn’t post last week because we didn’t do much and have taken a little break, plus I was in Atlanta with my family… but I can’t leave you hanging so close to the end of this project!

So in the last 2 weeks (aka 2 nights after work) we have:

  • Installed trim around the door
  • Measured, cut & installed half of the base boards

Yup. Short and sweet.  Since this room is the first one that we’re redoing we have been making some decisions in here that will go throughout the house, we have been pretty picky about trim and making sure it’s what we want everywhere.

The “what’s remaining” list is pretty much the same as my last update: finish installing the base boards, install crown molding, paint the ceiling (2 coats), install overhead light, replace air vent, paint the trim & cabinet, paint the walls (2 coats), replace all outlet & light switch covers, put together the bench / storage piece and clean!

Once we get the base boards & crown molding in then we can caulk, fill in the nail holes and paint!  Painting is the last big step, so I want to start this asap and then we get a break over summer. Maybe we can knock things out during the rainy weekend?? Hint, hint Hunter if you see this 😉


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