There’s just something about the Royals that I love – the history, traditions, crazy rules and over the top weddings!  When I heard my sister was throwing  a Royal Wedding Brunch for Harry & Meghan’s wedding, I thought that was a great idea and decided to throw my own.  I used a pre-designed e-vite on Paperless Post and invited Charleston friends to come over and watch the royal wedding a few hours after it aired (thanks to DVR).


I’m in the middle of this 21 day reset and got 1 cheat day that perfectly lined up to the weekend of the wedding and the brunch I was hosting.  Well I basically made my menu delicious things I wanted for brunch, paired with some healthier options so I didn’t kill my progress from the 2 weeks.

I order some petit fours from Publix and chicken minis from Chickfila, then made the cheesy grits & sausage quiche we had at Christmas, oatmeal cookies, some bite size spinach & cheese quiches and bacon.  I also put out some fruit, fancy popcorn my mom gave me, peanuts, mms and peanut brittle Hunter’s grandma made us.  My coworker brought more fruit and even cut them into crowns – how perfect!

My favorite part was setting all of the food up on our dining table in the dining room (with no chairs) and on china from my great grandparents on my dad’s side and a few pieces from my Grandmom.  I don’t always have a reason to pull out these family heirlooms that I cherish, but this was the perfect one!


You can’t watch a wedding without champagne, so I made a little mimosa bar complete with a few juices and berries.  I borrowed my friend’s cork wine cooler that we’ve used at a few parties – I love that thing and want my own!


So I started by making a Royally Excited banner for our mantle, then I got on Amazon and found some British flag bunting, a paper Royal guard and kinda creepy Harry & Meghan masks… Then I used my Cricut to make some little Harry & Meghan food toppers, food place cards, a cake topper, another banner, paper flowers for my letter board and a felt crown for Michele’s little baby… so then naturally I made another crown for Cleo.  And finally, a crown balloon on the mailbox!

Did I get excited and go a bit over the top? Maybe. When Hunter said the house felt British because I started putting decorations up during the week, that could’ve been a sign, haha.  Honestly, I had fun having some girls over to watch the wedding, comment on the dresses and enjoy a morning together with my fascintor on!

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