I always love helping friends with whatever event they may have coming up, so when Brit was over and saw I had some leftover cups with lids & straws, she asked if I could do something for her cousin’s bachelorette – count me in.  She was thinking about a flamingo theme and I did some bachelorette tanks last year with a flamingo theme so knew I had a great starting point.  We picked out vinyl colors and the next day I knocked them out during the rainy day.

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Last Flamingle Tumblers

What you’ll need:

We wanted “Caroline’s last flamingle” on the cups so I started by typing that out in all uppercase, centering the text and changing the color to mint.  After some discussion, we decided to do a flamingo on the other side of the cup and the name across it so I mocked it all up in Design Space.

I created my name files in Illustrator and just imported them into Design Space, then duplicated the flamingo & last flamingle text 5 times for the 6 cups.  Then I cut everything on the 3 colors of vinyl and started weeding the excess away.

When everything was weeded, I put some transfer paper on top and put the flamingo on the cup first.  Then I transferred the white name diagonally across the flamingo.  Finally, I put the mint text on the back of the cup and repeated for each cup.  I was done in just about an hour!

Not bad for a quick project on a rainy day!  The flamingos got me really excited for summertime too..

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