When I was experimenting with making leather earrings for the first time, I saw that Magnolia had a layered earring that were just as cute and thought “I can make that”… so I did!

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Layered Faux Leather Earrings

What you’ll need:

You maybe wondering why I’m doing these with the faux leather instead of the real metallic leather that I used for the first pair of earrings.. well the real leather is pretty thick and I knew I’d have a hard time getting 2 pieces of it layered and through the earring ring.  Plus I only had 1 color in the real leather, but I had multiple colors in the faux pebbled leather and it’s thinner and easier to fold, so I opted to use faux!

I used the same template I created for my earrings (Design Space link here) and used the 3″ one for the smaller piece and the 3.472″ one for the larger piece underneath.  I cut the larger pieces on the darker faux leather scrap I had left, then cut the smaller pieces on the lighter, beige leather.

Take the smaller piece and put it on top of the larger piece and line up the top.  Then fold it in half and use your weeder tool to piece through the leather toward the top and make 2 holes.

Use the pliers to open the earring ring and loop it through the holes and add the earring hook.  Close the ring back up and make sure the ring is over the top of the leather so the fold stays at the top.  Repeat for the other earring.

Voila! Handmade layered faux leather teardrop earrings!

We’re heading to Austin in July and making a side trip to Waco to check out the Magnolia empire with the Silos, bakery & restaurant so I’ll definitely be sporting my Joanna inspired earrings that day.  If you have any Austin or Waco recommendations, please send them our way!

7 Thoughts on “Layered Faux Leather Earrings”

  • I am looking forward to seeing you share about Waco! My husband got me the Magnolia Table cookbook for mother’s day – it’s awesome!

    • The size I used should be in my material list. You may need to make the hole a little lower so there’s not too much of the hoop going over the top of the leather and it stays (versus slipping behind). With the a layers of faux leather it should become pretty thick so the hoop shouldn’t move much.

  • I am curious too, what size jump ring you used. The largest I have right now is a 4mm and that is certainly not big enough. I am thinking an 8 maybe a 10. Thanks

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