With the Fourth of July quickly coming up, I realized that I didn’t have much USA decor and decided to make a pillow for our couch.  I just got some of the new Cricut patterned iron on with blue & white designs and decided to cut the shape of the United States in the patterned iron on and do a saying on top. I landed on “Land of the Free” and got to work making my patriotic pillow happen!

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Land of the Free Pillow

What you’ll need:

First things first, I needed to create my design.  I inserted this image from Design Space, ungrouped the 2 images and kept the USA country outline.

Then I added “Land of the free” to my canvas in the Babette font (I’ve been loving this font lately).  I ungrouped them to letters so I could connect each letter so the script connects, then selected each letter in the word and welded them together.  I ended up with 4 separate words.

I resized the project and adjusted the words until they’d fit my pillow cover. The cover was 18″ wide, so I opted for my entire design to be 10″ wide.

Then it as time to cut!  I loaded my patterned iron on (shiny side down) and cut the United States outline, then did the same with the foil iron on for my words.  I weeded the excess away and was ready to iron them onto my pillow cover.

Check Cricut’s recommended settings for the temperature & time for the materials you’re using: The patterned iron on is different than the foil.  I applied the patterned iron on first as the base of my design, then followed up with the words on top.  Make sure when you do multiple layers, you’re still covering up your entire design with the clear liner so none of the design that’s already applied directly touches the heat.

Put an insert in the pillow cover and you’re done!

The foil is so shiny where the light hits it while is great, except it’s hard to get a photo of it.  I really liked the combination of the pattern and foil on top!  Now our living room is feeling a little more festive and I have something I can bring out for all the patriotic holidays!

Want to make your own? Find my project in Design Space here!


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