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I recently got my first crafting book by Lia Griffith. Yup, you read that right.. I’m not just making crafts, I’m officially reading about cool new projects to try!  This book includes a ton of projects you can make throughout the year with your cutting machine, like a Cricut.

Lia Griffith is an expert in the paper world.  Last year I got to see some of her massive centerpiece creations in person at the Cricut Mountain Makeathon and I was so impressed.

Well I finally had some time to make a new project for myself and decided to make these paper cacti!  The book includes all the svgs for each project, so I download the files, imported them into Design Space, resized them to be a little smaller and started cutting!

Of course when I was actually ready to cut, my furry assistant had made my card stock pile her bed.. but she let me have a few pieces before going back to sleep.

Once I had all my pieces cut, I assembled them according to the photo instructions using just a little hot glue.

Then I put all my cacti in clay pots I got at Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s for a few dollars and my paper plants were done!

We have this awkward window box over the sink in our kitchen and most of the windows are too foggy and worn to see out of, so I made the paper cacti to put in the corner of that window. It adds some color as you walk into the kitchen and covers the blurry windows behind.  That paired with the fact that I can’t kill these, make it the perfect plants for the window box!

I can’t wait to start another project from the book. There is a summer looking palm frond wreath and little sailboats that I have my eye on..  It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with paper, some templates and time!

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