Sadly my USA wreath didn’t make it long after the 4th of July holiday last year – the foam wreath broke during the move and the burlap wrapped around it held it together long enough to get through the holiday, but that was it… so I was in need of a new patriotic wreath!  I saw a cute one that Lia Griffith shared recently (can you tell I’m loving all of her paper crafts?), and decided to make it with my own spin.

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Paper Star Wreath

What you’ll need:

I found the 2 metal rings at Hobby Lobby and decided I wanted them to be white instead of leaving them silver, so I spray painted them.  One coat on one side another on the bottom.

While the rings were drying, I started working on my design.  I inserted a star shape, copied it and made it slightly smaller then centered the 2 and grouped them.  I resized it to be 4.5″ wide and changed the colors to match my paper.  Then I kept copying it, resizing it slightly and changing the colors until I was starting to create the shape of a wreath.

I wanted the stars to go up the sides, but be a little off center and when I got to a point that I thought would be enough, I added a few extra stars for good measure, then started cutting!  I rearranged the shapes on my mat to use the smallest amount of card stock / paper possible and started cutting, making sure to adjust the material as I swapped from card stock to paper.

Once all the stars were cut out, I laid them all out to find the pairs and glued them together.  At this point the rings were also dry, so I brought them inside, put a little bit of hot glue at the top and wrapped twine around the 2 rings, about 2.5″ long.  Then I cut the twine and glued the end down.

The last step was to glue the stars to the wreath.  I used a liquid cement for this to make sure it held, even in hot weather.  I started with the biggest star and worked my way out until I was happy with the result!

I like the paper / card stock combinations I used and think it gave it a little nautical vibe. Here’s the link to the project in Design Space to make your own and personalize with your own paper.

This is currently hanging on our pantry – I was a little worried to put it outside in the humidity, so it’ll be an indoor wreath. I finished it on Friday night and am writing this on the 2nd,  just in time to share before Wednesday!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

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