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It’s no secret I love Chickfila, and I love free food even more so every year I’m pumped when Cow Appreciation Day comes around in July.  That’s Chickfila’s holiday where if you dress up like a cow, then you’ll get an entree for free!

Before we check out this year’s outfit, let’s take a look back at years past… By the way, when Hunter agreed to put spots on and meet me for lunch a few weeks after we starting dating for free Chickfila, I knew he was a winner 🙂

Each year I was cutting out spots and taping them to my clothes, but had never just made my own shirt. Why hadn’t I thought to make one that I could just wear each year before?!

Well, this year I created some cow spots, cut them with my Cricut Maker & applied them to a white tank top with my EasyPress & EasyPress mat! Seriously, why hadn’t I done this before?? It only took a few minutes to do the night before and I was ready for free chicken.

I thought about pairing it with the visor I made from Halloween, but ended up just going with the tank.

The tank was on sale and I used scrap iron on material, so this was only a $5 project that I can use from now on!

To end the post, I’m going to leave you with a photo of my Grandma with the Chickfila cow from 2007 that I came across when trying to find Cow Appreciation Day photos. Isn’t she the cutest? Clearly the love for fried chicken is in our blood.

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