Yep – that says One Room Challenge!  You haven’t given upon us since the last update back in May yet, have ya? Haha. At this point I don’t think it’s still considered part of the ORC since that’s been over for a while, but who cares? It’s the same project and we’re going to see it done.

After a bit of a break, Hunter surprised me on Friday saying he was going to paint the ceiling before we went to our friends’ house.  Looks like we’re back in the renovation spirit!

This past week we have accomplished the following:

  • Painted the ceiling (3 coats)
  • Taped to prepare to paint the walls
  • Installed new register (air vent)
  • Installed ceiling light

We also have some not so great news.. Remember the flooring we installed in week 6? It looks great, but that’s about it.  We started noticing some of the vinyl tiles bubbling up a few weeks after installing them.  Research told us that it could be normal as some air may have been trapped when we installed them and it’s just escaping.  Well, it never stopped and at this point you can walk over some of the tiles and they flatten beneath your feet. Womp.

Turns out even though the back of the peel and stick tiles and the back of the adhesive said you didn’t need to put adhesive down before laying the tiles, you did. My guess is the extra heat & humidity has something to do with it down here.. and the fact that the laundry room is above the garage and can get HOT in the summer.

So, what’s that mean? Looks like we’ll be replacing the floors or taking them up, putting down the adhesive and laying them again… Either way, we’re redoing the floor.

Enough bad news, here’s what the room looks like as of right now:

Our “what’s remaining” list is getting a little shorter: paint the walls (2+ coats), paint the trim & cabinet, replace all outlet & light switches, and put together the bench / storage piece.  Then we need to figure out the floor situation and finish installing the base boards.

We’ll likely do this in 2 phases: The easy stuff and finishing the floor.  Hopefully it won’t be 2 months until I give another update, but I promise to keep yall in the loop until the room is complete!

2 Thoughts on “ORC: Laundry Room Week 9”

  • We started remodeling our master bathroom around the same time you started this project, and let’s just say you’re a lot further than us! ?

    • Hahaha I’m glad to know we’re all slow workers. Sometimes it’s just the last thing I wanna ant to do at night

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