I know yall have seen all those cute cookies people are making, but I bet you didn’t think you could learn how to make them yourselves!  A local friend from college has started a creative side business, Cookies by Emy,  as a stress reliever from her job teaching and makes these adorable cookies and just launched some Cookies & Cocktails classes.  I reached out to host a class for some friends and was excited to learn the art of cookie making!

The day of the class, I put out some appetizers while Emy set up our dining table for the class.  I made some mussel shell sailboat place cards to put at each seat with the plastic placemat, tooth picks and icing.  Emy also made the cutest gift – oyster shell cookies. One for each of us!  Real talk: These were so cute that I ate my oyster shell cookies last because it was so pretty, haha.

Once we had some snacks, we sat down at our places to learn how to ice the cookies!  First we outlined the cookies and let them harden just enough and then we flooded the inside to fill out the color.  After that tried we decorated the top with different sized tips and colors.

I googled cactus and pineapple pictures to come up with different ways to decorate the tops.  Simple line patterns became my friend!  We decorated 6 cookies each and those 2 hours flew by.  Before I knew it, we were boxing up our cookies and finishing the apps.

How cute did these turn out?? I was so impressed by our decorating skills!  Meg had to go to work halfway through, so we had fun icing the rest of her cookies for her as well.

I enjoyed the class so much and had so many other friends reach out that I think I’ll host another soon!

Interested in booking your own Cookies & Cocktails class? Email her!  If you don’t want to host a class in your home, then follow her on Instagram so you’re the first to know about Cookies & Cocktails parties that will be held at local shops this fall! Think of all the cute cookies you could make for Back to School, college football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas..

I’ve mentioned before how talented my fellow College of Charleston alum are, and Emy is another example of a hard working graduate who is a passionate teacher & entrepreneur!  She’s even following in the footsteps of her Grandmother, who had a small business selling homemade cakes out of her freezer 🙂

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