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Alright Cricut friends, this post is for you!

Last year at the Cricut Mountain Makeathon, they announced the Maker, EasyPress and knife blade.  The first two came out shortly after, but the knife blade didn’t come out until this year while they perfected it.

I finally got my hands on one and had time to play with it so I want to help anyone that might have a knife blade, but is nervous to start creating with it!

First things first, take your knife blade out and remove the clear cap.  Insert it into the clamp of the Maker.

For my first test, I decided to cut my name from a sheet of chipboard.  Create your own project in Design Space and click “Make it”.  When you select a material that requires a knife blade (think chipboard, balsa wood, etc), then Design Space will prompt you to calibrate your blade if you haven’t already.  Place a piece of computer paper on your mat and let the Maker do it’s thing.

It’ll ask you to choose the cuts that best line up, and then it’s time to make your project!  In my case, I put my chipboard on the mat and taped down the edges.  You’ll load your mat and start cutting!

Since it’s cutting through such thick materials, the machine will do multiple passes and it will take longer than a normal material, but it didn’t take over an hour like the screenshot shows.

When it’s done cutting, un-tape the material and remove the pieces from the mat!

I ended up liking my test cut so much that I’m incorporating it into a sign.  More to come there, but I wanted to share a few other project inspiration that you can make with your knife blade from other Cricut friends!

Custom Mr & Mrs Bedroom Art | Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Custom Mats | Country Chic Cottage

Welcome Wreath Topper | The Simply Crafted Life Balsa Wood Puzzle | Country Chic Cottage

Happy crafting!

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