First of all, thank you for all the well wishes & thoughts while we watched, packed & prepared for hurricane Florence this past week!  As I write this on Friday night, the storm is just starting to get here with wind & rain. We’re definitely thinking about our family & friends up in North Carolina!  Since I had some time on my hands after we decided to stay, I finally sat down to write a few posts on projects I’ve made!

Remember when I played with my Cricut knife blade for the first time?  Well my test project (aka cutting out my logo) went so well that I decided to turn that into a sign for my office!  This was one of those projects that just came about once I was in the process of making it, so I managed to have everything I needed on hand (this was also due to the fact that I’ve developed a bad habit of hoarding craft supplies for “just in case” crafts).

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3-D Chipboard + Wood Sign

What you’ll need:

As you learned when I first calibrated my knife blade, I uploaded my logo in Design Space and cut it on the chip board.

I spray painted the chip board silver and my wooden sign white.  There isn’t a huge amount of contrast, but I wanted neutral colors and didn’t have any other color on hand that I wanted to use (and I wanted to finish the project right when I started it).

After a few coats of spray paint, it was time to assemble my sign! I grabbed a flat, round oyster shell to put in the middle of my name, arranged the 3 pieces on the sign, and attached them using liquid cement.  After letting it dry overnight, I hung it in the little nook in my office!

The plan is to add some peg board on the left and right sides of the nook so I can put hooks in and hang some products, like ornaments, but it’s nice to just have something on the top have of the nook for now!  Purposely excluded from the picture is a bunch of boxes & plastic containers on the floor below ?

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