It may officially be fall, but the weather still feels like summer with temperatures in the 90s here… so I’m still wearing white pants and doing things with sea shells!  I couldn’t tell you where I found these conch shells, but they were in my possession and I asked my Instagram followers what I should do with them.  One suggestion was to dip them in gold and I just loved that, so that’s exactly what I did (except swapping gold for silver since it goes with our home more).

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Silver Dipped Conch Shells

What you’ll need:

This is a really easy way to turn some of your beach finds into upscale looking home decor! Okay, so use some painter’s tape to tape off half the shell, either end.  Spray paint the end you didn’t cover.  When one side if dry, flip it over and do the other side.

Peel off the painter’s tape when the paint is dry and that’s it!  Now you have some shells with a lil shine to them.  I scored a lil acrylic box from Hobby Lobby for $5 and the 4 of them fit perfectly in there.  It now sits on a shelf in our living room!

I love an easy craft and one that still shows off the natural beauty of something, while adding a lil metallic for an upscale look!  What else can I do this too… Maybe make some color blocked sand dollars?

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