Last time we checked in on the dining room we had just gotten a rug & installed a new light fixture.  A few weeks ago we were out looking for dining room chairs when we found a perfect buffet (and at a great price)! You never find what you’re looking for, but this was a good substitution 😉  I spent an afternoon filling it with my family china and other serving items and immediately put a cornucopia on top – it is fall afterall…

This past week we got some curtains and a rod in and installed those as well. This was trickier than anticipated since we needed 90″ curtains, which aren’t the normal lengths you find in stores. We found some white panels on Amazon (affiliate link) that fit the bill and were the light and clean look I wanted!

Cleo spends a lot of her day napping on the rug in here, but I’d like to think she likes the new additions as well.  She did immediately go in the buffet when I opened the door to check it out.

Next up: Dining chairs (for real this time) and some art over the buffet!

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