We’re back and have our second (or third?) wind to finish our laundry room!  Ironically the fall One Room Challenge is underway and we’re still finishing up the one we started this spring, but we really needed a break. Apparently, a 6 month one.  I wanted to share this project with you to the end, so I’m back and will keep posting our progress until it’s done!

Last time we checked in, we had just finished the ceiling and were getting ready to paint the walls.  Well 2 months later, we painted them! Most of the room got 2 coats, but we ran out of paint so we’re hoping that it looks fine as is.

Since the last update, we have:

  • Assembled the bench/storage piece
  • Selected paint color
  • Painted 1.5 coats on the walls
  • Selected new flooring

We thought we knew what color we wanted to paint the walls, but the paint we bought had actually sat so long that it needed a good stir.  When we first put it on it looked too dark.  We tried a lighter version that was way too light and then just stirred it really well to mix it up and all was well.  Repose gray is still the color we’ll use in the laundry room and throughout the house – so we’ll need to get more paint soon!

After the flooring fiasco, we decided to have a professional install new floors.  A neighbor has a guy, so we’ve worked with him to select which ones we want and now are waiting on the materials to come in and get installed.

Here’s what the room looks like (as of Wednesday night):

Our “what’s remaining” list is basically the same as last time: Paint the trim & cabinet, install crown molding, replace all outlet & light switches, replace the floors and finish installing the base boards.

Since we’ve been trying to finish some other projects (like the dining room), we’ve decided to knock this one off our list as well and just get it done.  Hopefully that means you’ll be seeing the end of this renovation soon!

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