My mom came in town 2 weeks ago to visit, so I took a day off from work to explore something new for both of us: Drayton Hall!

Sitting on the Ashley River (by a lot of the other plantations), Drayton Hall is an 18th century estate that has been preserved.  Most of the homes and buildings in Charleston are restored, but Drayton Hall is all about preservation, so there’s no AC, no electricity and you’re truly seeing history straight from the past.

We got there in time for the 10am house tour, then hit up the 11:15am presentation on slavery.  After that we did the walking tour that ended by the reflection pond with the best view of the estate.  On the way out we also stopped at the African American cemetery.

If you enjoy history, then I highly recommend checking it out! The center has been recently updated and had a cute gift shop, gallery & cafe.  They definitely love sharing about all the history from the estate and I loved learning more about my city and spending time with my mom!

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