It’s official. We made the cutest place cards of all time.

When my sister was here visiting, she found these cute place cards that she wanted to make for this year’s Thanksgiving she’s hosting.  We found the original blog post from The Happy Scraps with a link to the project in Design Space and after picking up some card stock, we were ready to make them!

After an afternoon of cutting paper, taping the pieces together and creating whipped cream from tissue paper, we had 3 pies worth of place cards and brought them to my dining room to take some photos!

I can’t wait to use these at our friendsgiving and see photos of Lauren’s pies at her Thanksgiving!  I’ve also thought of ways you could customize them for any event: white & yellow paper with lemons on top, a key lime pie, etc. This project turned out so cute and I will definitely be making them again!

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