This past Thursday we hosted our friends for the 2nd Friendsgiving!  It was extra special to me because it was the first big meal in our dining room (outside of Valentine’s Day with just Hunter and myself).

I was so excited that I set the tables up the weekend before, haha.   I used the paper pumpkin pie place cards, the 2 wood slice place cards for us at the end of the tables, leftover plates from the Clemson tailgate 2 weekends before and flowers from Publix. I also finished the magnolia leaf paper garland that I started making last year and had that going down the middle with some tea lights.

We ate some apps, caught up, put our dishes out and waited for everyone to get there.  I made my grandma’s sweet potato casserole for the first time and was so happy that it turned out great!  I started a new tradition that the last people there had to wear the 2 turkey hats I found at Target a few years ago.

We all filled our plates, went back for seconds and left stuffed.  As I mentioned in the prayer before we ate, I was so happy to have my friends that I love with us to celebrate together.  My heart was definitely full that night!

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