Did you notice the paper magnolia leaf garland I made for our Friendsgiving?  Well I actually started it last year… then put it away and finished it 10 months later.

My friend Charynn at Pineapple Paper Co made this beautiful table scape for Thanksgiving last year and I just loved the paper magnolia leaf garland that she created. My friend, Maggie, and I have talked about making a magnolia garland before, but I never got around to it so this was the inspiration I needed to make one!  Although clearly I took a several month break, at least I finished it just in time to be a long centerpiece.

I used her project on Design Space and cut leaves on 6 colors of card stock: a variety of greens, a brown and 2 golds.  Then hot glued them together using floral wire as the base.  I ended up making about 12 feet of this garland and still have some leaves leftover that I can turn into a wreath as well!

After our Friendsgiving feast across the 2 tables, I doubled the garland up on our dining table and that’s where it’s still sitting.  Magnolia leaves never go out of style in the South, especially ones that don’t die!

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