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I use Amazon to find a lot of things and just love the convenience of 2 day shipping, so I thought I’d share my favorite Amazon buys from this year!  I order a lot of stuff from Amazon and these are the items that I loved the most and others asked about, ,so if you need something to be delivered by Christmas, then check these products out:


This was a birthday present to go in our master bedroom next to my chair for me to read in.  Turns out the lamp was too big for that spot, but Hunter and I loved it so much that it’s staying downstairs in the future bourbon & reading room.  Considering that room isn’t done yet, it’s kinda crazy how much we use this lamp in just the few weeks we’ve had it.

Link to Floor Lamp

I haven’t had a runner that fit the dining table we bought this year and it had been bothering me.. I found that most runners in stores were too short and I didn’t see anything I loved online until I found this chiffon on (for less than $20).  It worked great with my winter table setting too!

Link to Chiffon Runner


You’ve probably seen me make a few types of cups for bachelorette weekends and other events and these are my go to.  I don’t drink coffee so mugs aren’t big in our house and wine glasses are ok, but these can be used all the time.  You can get a pack of 12 that are perfect for customizing.

Link to Tumblers

Another great blank for crafting are these neoprene can coolers! Ever since I got my 6×7 EasyPress 2 and started making can coolers, I’ve used these a few times, the first as can coolers for my kickball team.  Even if you aren’t going to craft with them, they’re just great quality coolers.

Link to Neoprene Can Coolers

Clothes & Accessories

This dress was easily my favorite outfit this summer & fall. I wore it ALL THE TIME.  I loved the midi length, the pockets and fit and got so many compliments every time I wore it.

Link to Striped Dress

My other purchase about the same time as the dress was a rattan purse!  This is super cute and less than half the price of the same one you can find in boutiques.  It’s my go to purse and I can’t wait to pull it back out when it gets warm again.

Link to Rattan Purse


2018 might be the year of hair for me.  After 30 years, I finally learned how to do my hair. It started when I was taught how to use a wand at a bachelorette weekend in Florida.  I came home and bought one that is pretty cheap, but works great!  I use this lil guy all the time and feel like I have fancy hair when it’s curly like this.

Link to Curling Wand

The most life changing purchase was my Dyson hair dryer. How can a hair dryer be life changing? I literally bought time.  Let me explain: so when my hair is soaking wet it takes about 20 min to blow dry it then 30 to straighten it. I usually break it up so it’s not all at the same time, but still about an hour anytime I want straight hair (and with my crazy, frizzy hair, that’s anytime I want to look presentable).

Using the Dyson hairdryer and a round brush, it only takes 15 minutes and my hair is straight and dry.  Fifteen minutes. I only have to touch up a few pieces around my face with a straightner.  Since I got this a few weeks ago for my birthday, I’ve dried my hair almost everyday – because why not??  So yes, I literally bought time and now look a lil nicer at work 4 of the 5 days 😉

Link to Hair Dryer

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for someone or just needed a lil something for yourself, I hope this helps!  We order a lot of things on Amazon so love a good find – what are your favorite things to get from there?

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