I’m already back with another One Room Challenge update on our laundry room – told you we were motivated to finish. And the best part? We’re 98% done!

Last week we got back into it and did a lot of work on the cabinet and cabinet doors (caulking, sanding & painting) and getting the window ready for paint.

Onto the flooring fiasco – It’s the gift that never ends, haha. Since the vinyl peel and stick flooring we put in didn’t work, we decided to just have a professional install quality flooring. Well that first contractor appeared to have dropped off the face of the earth and never got back to us, even though we have his flooring samples. We found a new company and they are on top of it. So the biggest news this week is that WE HAVE NEW (and professionally installed so they’ll last) FLOORS. And they’re beautiful. We’re both so happy with them.

Here’s the full week 12 breakdown of work:

  • Unplugged and moved the washer, dryer and storage tree out.
  • Tore out the vinyl floors we installed in week 6 AND the original vinyl floors from 1983. Way harder than I expected.
  • New floors were installed, hooray!
  • Hardware ordered for cabinet doors (and returned the first pulls I bought).
  • Installed the baseboards with cope joints. We opted for a 3 piece baseboard: 1″x6″, base cap and shoe molding.
  • Caulked the door frame & base boards.
  • Filled the baseboard & door frame nail holes. Sanded these.
  • Painted the base boards, door frame and window trim, 2 coats.
  • Installed hardware on the cabinet doors.
  • Bought hinges, returned said hinges. Bought more hinges that work.
  • Installed the doors back on the cabinet.
  • Spray painted washing machine outlet faceplate & put it back in.

This is what the laundry room looks like at the end of week 12.


Or at least it feels like it now that the flooring fiasco is finally behind us. Here’s what is left: replace the receptacles & light switches and reassemble the room. That’s it!

Technically we still need to install crown molding too, but we’ve decided that we’re not going to do that quite yet. Next time you’ll hear from me with the laundry room will be the room reveal, and I can’t wait.

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