We are (98%) done with the laundry room. There were a few times where I thought this project might never end, but here we are!

In the last week, we only had to finish up a few things:

  • Replaced the outlets / light switches
  • Re-installed the washer & dryer
  • Put the hall tree back and Cleo’s litter box back in
  • Bought a cart & styled it

Let’s see the room in all it’s beauty…

Even Cleo is a fan, which is a good thing since her litter box is in there.

To really appreciate all the work we did, we’ve got to go back from the beginning and do a little before & after comparison!

No more 1983 laminate floors, popcorn ceilings, multiple types of shelves, woven fan with tassel or beat up walls!

The best part about this room is that we did everything, except installing the 2nd floors, ourselves. I mean everything: the scraping, painting, removing, installing, etc. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Hunter impressed me with his skills during this process too. He already knew how to do most things, but if there was something he didn’t know, he’d research, call his dad or watch a video and boom – he figured it out. The 3 piece baseboards with the cope joints are a perfect example of this.

After debating whether we wanted to keep the cabinet or just do floating shelves, I’m glad we ended up keeping it and it became my mini project in a way – from sanding, picking out handles, painting, etc. Now I can hide our ugly laundry supplies behind those doors haha.

Did you notice that I said 98% done at the beginning? Well technically we still have a little bit left… We never installed the crown molding and still want to do that. We also need to reattach the door. It never really fit or would close before, and now with the new floors that are a little higher, we need to sand the bottom of it down some so it will fit. Then we’ll paint it so it matches the cabinet and trim. When we replace the rest of the doors in the house, this one will get replaced too, but we can freshen it up for now.

Finally, storage & art. We had a hard time deciding how we wanted to add storage to the room outside of the cabinet above the washing machine. We bought that hall tree back in October and liked it then, but now we aren’t so sure. We want to store our vacuum, broom, mop, etc types of cleaning supplies in here and the bench doesn’t really help with that. We’re looking to sell the piece we bought and replace it with a taller cabinet so we can put those in there and hide them away behind doors. We’ll also get some sort of piece for storage and a top for folding, but just buy it when we find the right thing. When we find that, we’ll hang something above it and then it will be 100% done!

Thanks for following along on this One Room Challenge with us! It’s safe to say we had no idea what we were in for last April when we started this project. I’ve learned that we might not be great with short deadlines, but we’re big on quality and will eventually get it all done.

On to the next house project!

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