I’m not really a huge decorator for Valentine’s Day, but enjoy the idea of showing some extra love to those important people in your life on the 14th of February. When coming up with a second craft for my Cricut Class I hosted at the end of January, I wanted to do something that incorporated a few different mediums and a heart since Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and this was likely going to be an all-girls class.

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Personalized Heart Ornament

What you’ll need:

This project is a 2 step process: getting the name cut & adhered to the wooden heart and then cut & assemble the paper flower and attach it.

First, you’ll want to type out your name in a script font, separate the word to letters, move the letters so they all connect and then weld all the letters together to create 1 word with the right cut lines.

Resize your name to fit the width of the wooden heart ornament and cut it, making sure to mirror your image. Weed the excess iron on material away.

Once the name is done, it’s time for the flower! I have been loving the paper poppies (#MA3E13) from this cartridge. Cut your flower in a lighter card stock and the inside of the flower in a darker card stock. Make sure to fold the mat away from your design after it’s cut and use the spatula to help get the design off in one piece.

Follow the Cricut recommended heat settings to prep & apply the name to the wooden heart with your EasyPress.

Assemble the flower and then glue it to the ornament. Thread a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole and your ornament is done!

Make one for a friend or use one on your own door, window or tree. If you’re new to the Cricut world, this is a great project to get your feet wet with a few different materials!

After learning about Design Space and answering some questions at my Cricut Class, this was the first project we made. Then we made some boxes with leather bows (like I made for my Winter Table Setting).

Teaching DIY classes has really been a fun creative outlet for me and I love seeing people realize that they really can make cute projects by the end of the class.

I think people get intimidated or overwhelmed by all the projects you can make with a Cricut, but my advice is to pick something small and slowly learn. Then you’ll slowly learn more and more and start experimenting on your own projects! If you’re new to Cricut and trying this project out, reach out if you need have any questions – I’m always happy to help!

I’ll be adding more DIY classes throughout the year, so if you’re in Charleston and interesting in learning, you’ll be able to find those here.

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