An unexpected DIY from the baby shower we threw my cousin were the centerpieces! My sister found a pin for making flowers out of baby socks and we thought that’d be a cute way to create some baby shower themed centerpieces that also become a gift to the mom to be.

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Baby Sock Flower Centerpiece

What you’ll need:

  • Baby socks
  • Plant stakes
  • Container – we used 3 metal buckets and a long wooden box
  • Floral foam – Amount and sizes depend on your container
  • Greenery
  • Baby’s breath

Since my sister had the idea, she got all the materials together so we could create these centerpieces the night before the shower. The socks had writing on the bottom, so we flipped them inside out before rolling them into flowers.

Starting with the toe, slowly roll the sock up and then fold the end up around the roll so it stays in place. I found it was easier to do with the smaller socks and I slowly had a method after a few tries.

Put a piece of foam in the bottom of your container and put the plant stakes in. We put 5 stakes in each of the buckets. Then we snapped the rest of the stakes in half and put the remaining ones in the longer wooden piece.

Place the sock flower on the stakes. You can put the stake in a fold, and put it up a little bit. This seemed to be enough to keep them where they were, but if you need to, tie some baker’s twine around the bottom.

Fill the container with white crinkle paper, if you aren’t adding greenery, or when it’s closer to the event, add the greenery around the stakes.

Voila – you have cute centerpieces with baby sock flowers!

We placed these around the shower and people were shocked that they were made of socks! At the end of the party, we took the socks off and gave them to my cousin. Then we just took the stakes out and had some green & white centerpieces to enjoy for a few days.

I thought this was such a cute idea and can be customized to whatever your baby shower colors are – just pick the socks that work for you!

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