Do you ever have an idea and get soooo excited about it you just have to tell someone and start figuring out the logistics? That’s how I felt when I thought up doing a DIY onesie station at my cousin’s baby shower we hosted. I emailed the other hosts right away and then called my sister on the way home from work because I hadn’t heard from her yet.

We thought this would be a unique activity for guests at the shower, so I started figuring out how to put my idea into action.

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DIY Onesie Station

What you’ll need:

The general idea is to have some blank onesies, iron on designs (or pre-cut & weeded designs), and an EasyPress (or iron). I also recommend having someone man the station, or else print some instructions to help guests.

Once the onesies are made, display them and then give them to the mom as an extra gift from the shower!

We set this up in the dining room at the shower and guests got to pick their design, then I helped them use my EasyPress 2 to create the onesie. Everyone had a sense of achievement after finishing their onesie – I told yall anyone can craft!

My favorite part was showing my grandma how to make one. She chose the “Rollin’ with my homies” design and was a great learner πŸ™‚

If you want to take it a step further, create a guest book! We took a picture of each guest with their completed onesie, and had them write a note to the mom or baby on pre-cut card stock (same colors I used for the paper flowers).

After the shower we printed the photos out and created a page for each guest with their photo and note using washi tape.

I was so happy with how the onesie station and guest book turned out! It was definitely a different activity at a baby shower and I’d like to think everyone left knowing they gave the baby something they made.

If you want to do a DIY onesie station at your baby shower, you can find my custom designs in Design Space here. Shoot me a message if you’d like the file for the instructions too!

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