If you’ve been following my blog for at least a few months, then you’ll know about our One Room Challenge that lasted 13 weeks, over 10 months. Considering the ORC is supposed to last 6 weeks, that wasn’t exactly the way that renovation / challenge was supposed to go. Oh well.

This spring we’re going to be doing some updates around the house, but the upstairs bathroom will get a lot of our attention. Instead of attempting to follow a timeline that I know won’t happen, we’re gonna do my version of the One Room Challenge this time around. One room, no deadline 😂.

Let’s see the room in all it’s colorful glory..

You’ve got a tiered counter, 2 mirrors at different heights and that blue & green combo. Yup, there’s a reason yall haven’t seen this room yep, haha.

We’re planning on doing some updates to tone the colors down, a lot. We’ll have a similar color scheme to the laundry room: white & gray. It’s a good size, but just needs to be updated since the previous owners likely didn’t do anything since 1996.

We have some family coming in a few weeks that will be using the bathroom, so we’ll be doing the updates in 3 stages:

  1. Get rid of the blue.
  2. Scrape ceilings, knock out the divider cabinet, paint walls, maybe update lighting & mirror.
  3. Long term: Possibly refresh the shower & tile, replace counter top and turn the 2 tiered counter into 1 normal one (with 2 sinks if it’s up to me).
  4. Hunter wanted me to add this one: Gut bathroom. 😂

Follow along as we update this bathroom, on our schedule. I might not post every week, but I’ll post as we get things done!

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