When you read “MVP chain” were you wondering what that was? Or did you automatically think of University of Miami football team’s turnover chain?

If you thought #2, then you’re on the right track as to what I’m about to share with you today!

It’s no surprise that I love sports and I’ve been playing competitive kickball for quite a few years now. Our captain wanted to do something to give to an MVP of our game each week and I was down for the challenge of creating a pendant to put on a chain to make this idea a reality.

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Custom MVP Chain

What you’ll need:

To create your custom MVP chain, you’ll need a sturdy design with a loop at the top to create the pendant.

I uploaded the Tune Squad logo, leaving just the outline of the logo, then inserted 2 gray circles at the top. I centered the circles, sliced them and removed the inside, then attached the outer ring to my logo background to create the base of the pendant.

I planned on having the pendant be cut in chip board and painted white (you’re going to learn from my mistake there shortly though) and then I’d dissect the logo into the 3 other colors (red, blue and black) to cut in iron on material and layer on top.

The most tedious part was inserting the logo and removing all the other colors, but one 3 different times so I’d have the red parts, blue parts, and black parts all separated.

Once those were all uploaded and on my canvas, I resized them and laid them on top of each other to make sure they would line up. Looks good, right?

Since the chip board is think, but not super think, I duplicated the background piece. I’d cut it out twice on chip board to double the thickness.

Now my canvas was ready to cut!

First, I cut the 2 pieces of chipboard. Tape your chip board to your mat and make sure all the rollers are to the right side before cutting. Then let the Maker do it’s thing and cut multiple runs to get through the material!

I used liquid cement to glue the 2 pieces and held them together with a clamp.While the chip board was drying, I worked on cutting out the rest of the pieces in iron on. It looks crazy seeing your different layers of the logo separated out!

This is also where you’ll learn from my mistake. I spray painted my chip board white, and even though it was fully dry when I applied the iron on, I still had some issues… so you should just cut solid piece of white iron on to put down as the base, then layer the other iron on on top.

I used my 6×7 EasyPress 2 to apply the iron on to my pendant, starting with the black layer, then blue and finally red. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it looked pretty darn good!

Once I had my pendant done, I needed to make it a necklace! I found a silver chain and a large jewelry hoop that I’d be able to get the pendant loop through at Hobby Lobby. I put it together and boom – I had myself an MVP chain!

I was thrilled with how it came out and love how the red & blue foil catches the light and shines. Sometimes I still can’t believe what I can do with my Maker. I started with nothing and created the entire pendant myself!

The team loves it and it’s become a fun part of the night as last week’s MVP gives it out to the next MVP. I got the chain in week 4, woop woop!

We’re about to head into playoff season, so here’s hoping that we bring home the cup again! I wonder who will get the MVP chain for the last game of the season…

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