We’re off to a good start and making progress on the upstairs bathroom, so here I am with an update already!

What’d we do this week?

  • Replaced the shower curtain. I had a white one from the master bathroom in our old house that I should’ve put in here from the beginning bc that print one did not work well with that blue & green, but it’s been like that since we moved in..
  • Shutters were installed
  • Replaced the blue closet door
  • Took off all the blue cabinet doors & shelves

Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that the beat up, blue folding door is gone. I haven’t been so happy to have something outta the house since the tassel fan in the laundry room.

We replaced the door last Sunday and it made a huge difference. Just looking into the room, you’d see the reflection of the blue door in the mirror and now it’s bright white – hooray!

This was also when the shutters were installed in the house, so it turned into an easy win for a window upgrade.

After seeing how much of a difference removing that blue door made, I took out all the blue cabinet doors & drawer (the other 2 are false drawers) and knobs so I can start working on those next.

This is what the bathroom looks like right now (yes those are 2 gray paint samples I did the week we moved in):

Next steps: Sand, prime and paint the blue doors white! I’ll also need to paint the cabinet box white since it’s a cream color. Then we’ll re-install the doors with new hinges (current ones are rusty and will stand out against the fresh cabinets). I also want to find new knobs for the doors and drawers because I’m just not feeling the old ones.

If we have time before our guests come, then I’ll also paint inside the closet like I did the linen closet since it’s also a dated cream color. We’ll see how much I can finish in 2 weeks!

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