You might be thinking this is part of our upstairs bathroom update series, but it’s not! We’re literally tackling smaller projects left and right inside the house right now.

This is the full bathroom downstairs that is across from the guest room and the only bathroom on the first floor. When we moved in, all we did was hang some art, change up the shower curtain and put in our towels.

Like I’ve mentioned, we have family coming in town a few different weekends throughout the spring, so we wanted to get some projects done in areas that they’d be using. An easy one to knock off the list was to make some small updates to the downstairs guest bathroom!

We bought the same mirror we put in the guest bathroom at our old house when it was on sale a few months ago. We also picked up a new light fixture from the new Home Depot (!!!!) to replace the very 80’s brass one that was still in there.

In just an hour’s time, we had a new light and new mirror installed! Not a bad refresh for a little bit of money.

Eventually we’ll fix the ceiling the previous owners scraped, repaint the ceiling and the walls, replace the trim (to match what we put in the laundry room), and replace the old brass towel hooks on the back of the door. Longer term we’ll replace the door, countertop, sink, and probably the toilet, shower and tile too.

For now, it feels a little more 2019 and less 1983 / 1996 and I’ll take it!

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