The theme of this week’s upstairs bathroom update has been “get rid of the blue”, which are also words I never thought I’d say since that’s my favorite color. Turns out that blue did not mesh well with the green. Ultimately both colors are gonna go, but blue is first.

What’d we accomplish this week>?

  • Sanded all cabinet doors and shelves
  • Primed all doors, 1-1.5 coats
  • Primed cabinet box, 1 coat
  • Painted doors, 2 coats
  • Painted cabinet box, 2 coats
  • Bought cabinet knobs & new hinges
  • Replaced outlet covers
  • Bought a print from a local artist to frame and hang
  • Re-installed cabinet doors with new knobs

I knocked a lot of of out over the weekend, starting with sanding and a coat of primer on Friday after work, then doing almost all of the painting throughout the weekend when I had some time (even before my DIY class that Saturday).

Sunday night I was really starting to see how this mini renovation was going to come together and found the knobs I wanted and some art that’d look good with the end white & gray scheme. Gotta bring some color in!

Here’s what the bathroom looks like at the end of week 3, furry inspector included:

What’s next before family comes to stay? Paint the closet walls & shelves – fingers crossed. PS – If you haven’t realized from my Instagram stories versus blog updates, I’m doing the updates a week out to give myself time to get it all together. (Another lesson learned from the One Room Challenge).

After family comes, we’re gonna do some bigger projects like knock down that one cabinet that’s just hanging there (also why I didn’t prime or paint those shelves if you noticed), scrape and paint the ceiling and paint the walls.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how the cream colored tile floors, sink, toilet and shower & tub hidden behind the shower curtain could work with the white cabinets, trim & window. I’ll definitely clean up the grout around the tile so it’s bright white again, but I’m not going to take any drastic measures with the floor. For now, they’re likely going to clash a little and that’s okay.

Eventually we’ll rip everything out and upgrade the bathroom, so since this is only a short term “make me happy and freshen the room up” kind of project, we’re trying to be smart about where we spend time and $$.

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