We’re back with another update on the upstairs bathroom! Last week‘s theme was “getting rid of the blue”, and this week is all about saying goodbye to the cream in the closet.

What’d we accomplish this week?

  • Painted the closet walls
  • Painted the closet shelves

Short and sweet, but it was the last thing I wanted to do before family came in town to visit and would be using the bathroom! I painted it the same as the linen closet, which is right across the hall.

Per usual, my furry assistant did her inspections when everything was dry and the shelves were back in.

Here’s what the room looks like at the end of this week:

Pretty similar to last week since all of my progress was behind the closet door.. but I did everything I wanted to before family came!

What’s next in here? The fun stuff. Knock down that one cabinet that’s just hanging there and when I want to channel Chip Gaines on Demo Day. We’ll also scrape and paint the ceiling and paint the walls. Finally, we’ll add some decor and call it a day!

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