Since this house has a green door and most of my wreaths are green, I’ve had to create some new options that look great. I’ve always wanted to do another version of an oyster shell something on our front door, and thought it’d be fun to cover a big W with shells and create a coastal door hanger!

Oyster Shell Door Hanger

What you’ll need:

  • Flat oyster shells!
  • Letter cut out – I found mine at Hobby Lobby, about 12″ tall
  • Sawtooth hanger
  • Hammer
  • Liquid cement
  • Clear sealant spray

For my 31st birthday back in December, I hosted an oyster roast, complete with Chickfila for me. We had lowcountry cups from Lowco and while I recycled some, I also kept some of the shells and the tops of the lowcountry cups were perfect to layer on my W to create a door hanger.

The large W I found at Hobby Lobby didn’t have a hanger on the back, but I’ve definitely seen some there and at Michael’s that do, so check that out, otherwise you’ll have to do this first step –>

Attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the letter using the little nails and a hammer. Depending on your letter, you might want 2 of these hangers.

Then flip the letter over and start adding oyster shells to the letter using the liquid cement. I started at the bottom and layered going up. It’s kinda like a puzzle to find a shell that fits the space best and covers the background.

The last thing I did was spray some clear sealant on top of the shells to protect them while being outside. Then I hung the hanger on our front door!

The door hanger turned out to be a cute way to incorporate something natural and coastal on our front porch! Plus you know I love my oyster shell projects.. And it looks great with the stenciled house number sign I created last year!

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