It’s official – we’re excited (and a little terrified) to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives: Baby Wilds is coming this fall!

If you noticed things had gone a little quiet over here, it’s because they were – the first trimester is no joke and I’ve had 0 energy; however, that’s starting to change and I’m feeling better! Now we start to plan a nursery..

Please send along any advice! These 2 newbies will need it ๐Ÿ˜‚ย 

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  • We are thrilled for you both โ€” and your Mom! You two will be the most wonderful parents and you will be surrounded by love & support. We love you & cant wait to see you both for hugs!
    Jan & Judy

  • WOOHOO!!! I am SO excited for you guys! It’s the best scariest thing in the world! Hope you’re feeling better into the 2nd trimester. I have questions (boy or girl?!?) and advice but don’t want to bombard you lol. It’s fun that we’re pregnant at the same time. I’m totally going to be on the look out for more baby Cricut crafts! Congratulations <3

      • A boy! ๐Ÿ’™ I’m just about 24 weeks now. I would start by saying to be informed on the kind of birth you want, as well as nursing if that’s something you’re considering. Birthing classes may seem silly, but I think they are essential & also a fun way to get dad involved. As far as after baby comes, all of those first stages go by so fast! One day you’ll complain about X and then by the weekend it’ll be Y. So when you feel like pulling your hair out, the worst is probably behind you. Finally, 2 good pieces of advice I’ve gotten from others: 1) don’t listen to any ‘absolutes’ (as in always do this or never do that), & 2) when you have a parenting fail moment just remember – that is not the worst thing you’ll do to your child. One time on a ride with my mother in law I forgot to buckle Cupcake’s car seat (she had fallen asleep while we were out) & just as I was about to freak out my MIL said “this is not the worst thing you’ll do to her”. And it helped me realize that we had made it home safely & not to beat myself up over it. Eventually when she’s like 18 I’ll find out which one exactly was the “worst” thing ๐Ÿ˜†.

  • Mike and I are so happy for you and Hunter. So glad that first tri is behind you! You will both be awesome parents and baby Wilds will be a super assistant! I know your mom is over the moon!

  • So very happy for yall! Agree that being informed on the kind of birth you want is important. That said, I focused so much on pregnancy and birth that I paid little attention to life with a newborn. Eek…Moms On Call was our saving grace and still is!

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