Did you notice that we stopped working on the upstairs bathroom after week 4 or did you think we went on another DIY hiatus like last year? Haha.

Well it was kinda both – we took a break when we had a lot of family come stay with us back to back and during that time we decided to bite the bullet and get all of the house projects done at once…. by a professional… that wasn’t us, haha. We took some advice from my mom to heart (it’s harder to get big projects done with a kid) and have been working on getting everything together to start a HUGE renovation on the house. Bye bye 80’s once and for all!

What’s that mean for the blog?

You’ll see a lot of renovation updates over the next few months as we work our way through the house and tackle every single room. I will still post DIY projects in the future, but hopefully we knock out all the big projects in the house during the renovation so the future posts will likely be more craft, yard and decor based.

Now it’s onto packing up the upstairs (which includes my office) so demo can start ASAP! I’ll leave you with some tile we picked out for the bathrooms..

Please send good vibes our way as we go through what I’m sure will be a chaotic few months, but that will be totally worth it!

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