Last week the U.S. Women’s Open LPGA event was hosted by the Country Club of Charleston on James Island. Hunter and I received tickets to attend on Sunday and I was excited for a few reasons:

  • The tickets were free.
  • I hadn’t been to a PGA / LPGA event before.
  • I love watching awesome women athletes.

We slept in and headed to the tournament after lunch, scoping out the grounds, watching a few groups tee off, then following Lexi Thompson and Jaye Green for the first 9 holes.

After a little break sitting at the 11th hole (one of the hardest on the course), we followed the Americans for more holes, then headed up to the clubhouse with a view of the 18th green and watch the last 4 groups come in, and award ceremony.

Some of our friends ended up being there as well so it was a fun way to end the day and see the biggest LPGA championship payoff – Congrats to Jeonguen Lee!

This was definitely a great first golf event and Jaye Green quickly became my favorite player on the tour – I totally geeked out when I got to meet her as we were leaving.

Maybe next year we’ll get Masters tickets or just wait until the PGA is back at Kiawah in 2021!

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