Does it count as spring if I post about it in the summer? haha. But for real, from March – June, we have continued to work in our yard and get it back in shape from the winter, as well as continue to build out our master yard plan.

Last year we finished taking down a lot of the overgrowth and added new plants around the yard. We also replaced the fence and created a bed for plants in the back, and with the help of Master Gardener Pegs, started adding some plants that would mature over the years.

Those plants have done great over the year (esp the day lilies) and are blooming like crazy right now.

This spring we added a TON of plants on that fence bed – alternating ligustrums and more pink rose bushes. I moved the yellow jethro to either side of the colonnade holly in the corner and added some white lantana where the ferns used to be under the tree.

We also added several more azaleas by the first 4 in the bed with the Japanese maple and some of the white lantana at the end of the bed, across from the other. That bed is now filled with plants, edged and defined with pine straw and just needs to grow!

The last big project was our side yard (that you haven’t really seen yet). It’s been a mix of weeds, pine straw and uneven ground that we planned to tackle this year… and we did! Or we finally got some help and they helped us grade the land and add sod. Then we defined the beds, added pine straw and started planted some azaleas under the pines.

Now we’re just watering, pruning and enjoying the pretty plants and yard! I can’t believe how much has changed in just a year and sometimes you need to look back to realize how far you’ve come (applies in life too 😉 ).

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