File this one under DIYs I never thought I’d do: Nail art.

I recently got a manicure at Mylk Bar and thought about putting some decals put on top… then realized I can make my own and decided to put my Cricut to the test with some tiny cuts!

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DIY Nail Art

What you’ll need:

Start by inserting the image(s) that you want on your nails. Since it’s summer and I had my nails done in a bright blue, I open for a palm print. Probably a bold choice but why not go big (aka small and intricate)?

Measure the nail(s) that you’ll be adding the decal to and resize your image to fit that space. Mine were 0.35″ wide. I decided to just put them on my thumbs, so copied my image, and flipped it so they’d face each other. Then I cut the little guys on my vinyl!

Weed the excess vinyl away, being extremely careful to keep your design intact

Just like you apply vinyl on other materials, put a small piece of transfer paper on top, use your scraper to make sure it’s stuck to the transfer paper and center it on your nail. Again, be careful as you remove the transfer paper to make sure the design stays on the nail.

Finally, paint 2 coats of clear polish on top to seal the vinyl in. I found 2 coats were best so all the small edges stayed in place and it was protected from everyday nicking.

I still can’t believe how small and how clean the cuts were! My mini palm had 12 fronds and they came out great and were a perfect accent to my bright nails. 2 weeks later and my manicure and decals are still holding on!

I’m already starting to plan my next manicure and what design I can put on top! Maybe something with stripes…

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