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Cricut Infusible Ink is here!

This is their latest product release and one I was really excited about. When you use regular iron on, you can feel the iron on material on top of the base material (like the saying on a pillow). With the infusible ink, the ink is transferred from the sheet to the material when you apply the high heat, so there’s no extra layer on top – aka no worrying about peeling, washing or drying after the design is done!

South Carolina Themed Ceramic Coasters

What you’ll need:

I headed to Michael’s the day the Infusible Ink products were available and grabbed some blank coasters, pens, ink transfer paper and a blank baby onesie. I wasn’t sure what I was going to make on Friday, but knew I’d figure it out..

By Sunday morning, I decided to use some of the deep blue transfer sheet and the blank coasters to create a set of South Carolina themed coasters!

Since this was the first time I had used the infusible ink products, I watched a few videos (linked at the end) and even checked in with my friend at Pineapple Paper Co before getting started so I wouldn’t waste any material.

Each package includes the 12″ x 12″ transfer sheet(s) and a piece of parchment paper. The sheet will look more dull than what’s on the box and that’s on purpose! The colors will pop after being transferred with the heat.

Ready to make some coasters?

Alright, open Design Space and create a new project. I wanted to do a set of SC themed coasters, but have a consistent blue background, so added a 3.25″ circle (this allows there to be a white band around the edge of the coaster as well).

To go with a SC theme, I added the palmetto & crescent and state image to my canvas. I also typed out “Carolina in my mind”, from the James Taylor song, to become my designs. Each one was put in a blue circle and then sliced from the circle, so the blue would have a circle edge, but absence of the design on the inside (and show up as white on the coaster blank).

When all of my designs were ready, I was ready to cut! Make sure to mirror the images (it’ll work similar to iron on) and select “Infusible Ink transfer sheet” as the material so the machine will use the right pressure setting when cutting.

Place the ink sheet on your mat with the grid side / plastic side down and ink side up. Now cut the designs with your Cricut machine!

Cut each of the designs out to individual pieces and weed the excess, leaving just the blue for the design. Weeding with this material is much different than vinyl – you’ll end up like popping it out and not need to use a weeder tool.

Time to make some magic! Check out the recommended heat settings and set your EasyPress. Put the EasyPress mat down, then a piece of white card stock on top (recommended by Cricut).

Place your design on the coaster with the ink side touching the coaster and transfer tape side up. Use heat resistant tape to keep the design in place on the coaster (I didn’t do this and got lucky, but will be picking some tape to make sure the design sticks in place in the future).

Next, place the parchment paper on top and then your EasyPress on the coaster and start the timer. No pressure is needed, so just wait until the timer goes off, put the EasyPress back in the safety base and wait for the coaster to cool down (it will be super hot).

When the coaster is cool, remove the design and voila – the ink is on your coaster! And it’s so smooth with no edges.

Helpful infusible ink links / videos:

Now what can I put on the onesie I bought? Share any ideas you have below!

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  • Is the Cricut Maker the only one you can use for the ink projects or can you use the regular Cricut machines?

    • Nope! You can cut the infusible ink transfer sheets on the Explore Air series as well, you may just need to research the right pressure level – it’s an option to choose from with the Maker.

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