First of all, props to any parents who don’t find out the gender of their baby! I don’t know how you do it, but it does allow you to get all the practical items at a baby shower!

Our friend Meg is pregnant and keeping the gender a surprise, so we threw a gender neutral shower for her! We decided to have more of a greenery theme, with gold and pastel colors worked in, so it could go either way. It was kinda nice that it wasn’t pure pink or blue like a traditional shower too.

We got a balloon garland kit online which was supposed to be white & gold, but ended up being pastel colors. Although that was an unexpected surprise, we were lucky that the colors still worked and we hung that across the windows behind the food.

Meg is from Boston, but went to school and just moved away from Charleston, so knowing she’d have a Northern shower too, we wanted to keep this brunch menu a little Southern with a grits casserole, chicken and waffle bites and a biscuit bar.

Oh yes, a biscuit bar. Why have I never done one of these before?? We had 2 types of Callie’s biscuits, a variety of preserves, butters, meats and cheeses to spread on top and create whatever type of biscuit you wanted. The local herb butter, ham and pimento cheese was my personal favorite 😉

We also picked up some green & yellow (with a touch of floral) baby cookies from Cookies by Emy to savor sweet cravings.

Drink-wise we kept it simple with a mimosa & mom-osa (sparkling cider based) bar and water. Plus that orange juice fit in nicely with our colors.

Other decor included some personalized white & gold balloons with leaf ribbon (affiliate link) to again tie in the greenery theme. (More to come on how to personalize these soon 😉 )

There were 2 activities during the shower: Diaper Thoughts & Celebrity Baby Names.

We had some blank diapers out with sharpies so guests could write a message on them for the parents to be to have a laugh or encouragement when changing diapers. This was something guests could do as they arrived or were eating.

After opening presents, we passed out cards and played “Celebrity Baby Names” where you tried to match the baby name to the celebrity couple. I found this template on Etsy with the perfect greenery design, so all I had to do was print and cut all the cards out!

Keeping it simple with the greenery and a focus on delicious food made this gender neutral baby shower a success!

We can’t wait to meet Baby J this fall! And get some pointers 😉

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