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My first infusible ink project after Cricut launched this line was creating these SC themed coasters. It was a great beginner project to learn the process since I was just using 1 color of infusible ink.

I wanted to create a cute onesie as my second project and use a few colors instead of just one. Turns out the process for multi-colored infusible ink projects isn’t the same as regular vinyl or even iron on, so I’ll walk you through what to do!

First, create your design in Design Space! Mine incorporated 3 colors: blue, black and gray. When prepping your mats to cut, make sure the designs are mirrored and the grid side is down on the mat.

Once your pieces are cut on your different colors, cut your designs from the transfer sheets and weed out the excess by popping it out – no tool needed.

Like I mentioned infusible ink is different from vinyl, so instead of layering the designs (excess heat could cause the colors to fade), you’ll transfer the designs to 1 sheet so there’s just 1 design that you’re pressing with heat.

Remove the designs from your smaller pieces and place them on the larger one, where they go in your overall design.

To make this easier (and make sure I was putting stuff in the right place), I had my design up in Design Space and flipped it so it looked like what I was working with. If you have pieces that fit together, carefully place them so they’ll line up like your design. Trust me, this is was easier than I thought and than doing this with vinyl / iron on.

Once you have your design on one transfer sheet, you’re ready for heat! Check out Cricut’s heat guide for the settings to use. It even includes a diagram of how to set everything up with your EasyPress mat, piece of card stock, material, design, butcher paper and EasyPress 2 (super helpful so you have it right).

Then heat and remove the sheet to reveal your design!

And just like that, you have a multi-colored infusible ink completed project! I still can’t get over how great it is having the ink transferred into the blank through the heat – there are no layers!

Now I’ve got a cute onesie for lil man and a new technique under my belt! I have some infusible ink pens that I might just have to play with next..

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